What information do we collect?

At HMA-UK we collect information only about your browsing activity on our website, as well as the information you provide when you contact us, sign up using the registration form or subscribe to our newsletter. We use third-party tracking services to monitor aspects of how you browse our website, including the time it takes you to visit our pages, your approximate location and your device. Manually, we collect your full name, your email address, your occupation and your phone number, as well as additional information that you choose to provide optionally.

Who collects this information?

Information is collected by HMA-UK, when you sign-up or contact us using forms on our website or by sending us an email. Your information is manually processed by a member of staff, who adds it to a secure database, not associated with any third-party. Your browsing activity on our website is collected by ‘Google Analytics’, a third-party. Information collected by Google is handled securely in accordance with their policies. Your name and email address are also given to third-party provider ‘Sendgrid’ when a confirmation email is sent to you to confirm your registration, and the data is handled securely in accordance with their policies. When you sign-up additionally to our newsletter service, we share your name and email address with ‘Mailchimp’, who handles email design and delivery securely in accordance with their policies.

How is information being collected?

Your information is collected primarily through forms on our website (when you sign-up or contact us) but also when you send us an email. Your information is also collected when you browse our website, through automatic analytic systems. Analytics information does not identify individual users but collectively displays user activity on our website to HMA-UK staff. When you sign-up, your information is automatically emailed to a service email address at HMA-UK, where a member of staff manually analyses it to ensure the registrant is valid and then adds it to a secure database, which automatically sends a confirmation email to the registrant.

Why is information being collected?

Information is collected for two purposes. Firstly, when collected through anonymous analytics, it is collected in order to help us improve our website and correctly target our audience. Secondly, when collected through a form, it is collected in order to register a member into our database as they requested or to help us identify them when they contact us, so we can reply to their request accurately.

How will your information be used?

Your information, firstly, will never be sold or given to third-parties without your consent. Your information will be used to contact you, confirm your membership registration and (when you sign up for a newsletter) to deliver the content that you requested. Your information that you provide when signing up will be kept in a database system. Information that is collected for analytics, as mentioned in ‘Why is information being collected’, will be used to improve our website and services and to reach a better-targeted audience.

Who will it be shared with?

Your information will be shared with HMA-UK staff via the database system as well as with the following third parties:

  • MailChimp – on registering for a newsletter, your name and email address will be shared with Mailchimp
  • Sendgrid – on signing up for a membership, your confirmation email will be sent via Sendgrid and therefore your name and email address will be shared with them.
  • Google Analytics – on browsing our website, information will automatically and anonymously be collected by Google for analytical purposes.
  • Zoho Mail – when replying to a question or communicating with members, your email address will be shared with our internal mail provider, ‘Zoho Mail’.

With your express permission, under special circumstances (e.g. a request to send a job advert to our members) your information may be shared with other third parties. Your information, potentially without your consent, may be shared with legal authorities if they request it.

Information and Complaints

Our data handling is designed to have no negative effects on users, however if it does, you have the right to contact us and we will reply promptly, attempting to solve your issue. In this case, please send an email to contact@hma-uk.org, or complete our ‘Contact Us’ form. If you would like your data removed from our system, please also contact us and we will delete it promptly and unconditionally. Analytical data is anonymous and cannot be deleted. By using our website, you consent to the use of analytics. You can always view the data we have on record of you using our Membership page – http://membership.hma-uk.org. You will need the password that was provided in your confirmation email. If you have lost the password or never received one, contact us and we will provide you with a new one.Last Edited on 2017-OCT-28 by Pal Kerecsenyi.