Mission Statement

The Hungarian Medical Association of the United Kingdom is a voluntary organisation, founded in 2016, of medics, dentists, pharmacists, biomedical scientist and professionals allied to medicine (ie radiographers, physiotherapists, midwives, nurses, etc) of Hungarian heritage practicing in the UK.
Our primary aim is to foster and disseminate knowledge exchange and good practice in research education and in patient care, among the members. The association achieves this by holding annual scientific meetings, online discussion forums and disseminating information via website, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and emails.
Our secondary aim is to facilitate short visits of Hungarian and British medical and related professionals, including students and young biomedical scientists to the UK and vice versa.
Our third aim is to establish and foster links with Hungarian medical and biomedical scientific establishments both in Hungary (MOTESZ, MOK, MTA, MET), and abroad (HMAA, BMA). In addition, we keep regular contact with Hungarian private health sector providers to facilitate return both permanent and casual basis.
The association is also in close contact with the Hungarian Embassy in London and the Hungarian Consulate in Manchester.
All qualified persons are welcome to join the association.