Welcome to the private sector branch of the HMA-UK
We are here to help you with your private medical business success
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Supporting the private

  • Starting a business
  • Opening a market in England or even Hungary
  • Business growth
  • Building relationships
  • Business expansion
  • Franchise-type operation
  • Business lending (assets, investment loan)
  • Loans for buying a business property

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Giselle-T Consultancy

The Giselle-T Business Consulting Office works closely with the Hungarian Medical Association - HMA-UK.
Feel free to contact us for business financial questions related to the private medical sector!
Giselle-T Consultancy

Main Industry Sectors Comprising Our Activity

Medical, Lifestyle medicine, Consultancy for franchise set-up, development and for entering international markets. Teambuilding, outdoor training, recreation. Regardless of industrial field: Company set-up, finances, investment, getting started as an entrepreneur in the UK.

Consultancy Topics

Business development consultancy, General business consultancy, Financial and investment consultancy, Consultancy related to business development, and especially Franchise-related, comprehensive consultancy, Start-up business consultancy.

Our Products and Services

We open business bank accounts without the need for your personal presence. And our unique card reader-POS terminals are available in a wide selection, making our entrepreneurs’ lives easier from the first steps, be they small or large, at the beginning stages or already prepared to enter the international market.
Open a Business Bank Account

Contact us if...

  • If you would like to set up a business in a company structure that will be conducive to your future development as well. Plan the solid foundations for your future with us.
  • You would like to open a business bank account. 
  • You would like to launch a new market in the UK or even in Hungary.
  • You would like to develop connections or an appropriate network of business partners.
  • You would like to maximise the value of your company.
  • If you are looking for new business strategies, new ideas and new solutions.
  • You are looking for help with expanding your business
  • If you are thinking about franchise-type expansion or would merely like to listen to the opportunities it affords.
  • If you are looking for the most advantageous financing method or the most profitable investment.
  • … if you have any questions because we think alongside you.
Giselle-T Consultancy